All About Ecommerce Store – Types of Ecommerce

Ecommerce store is defined as buying and selling of goods or services. Such buying and selling of goods and services using the internet Are called ecommerce store. Moreover, ecommerce is also defined as a mode of transfer of money and information using online places and platforms.

Not every business that is online is an ecommerce store. However, some ecommerce transactions do not require business as well. Ecommerce is there from the retail sale to drop shipping. There are many types of ecommerce modes from which you can choose if you want to make an online ecommerce store.

In the past, no one imagined how ecommerce store will dominate everything because first it was believed that it is just a luxury. After a few years with the different facilities provided by the ecommerce store more and more people converges to the ecommerce store. The boost in ecommerce was observed because of the invention of smartphones.

With smartphones in hand, you can order almost anything to your doorstep. You just required the internet which is available to almost anyone. According to the statistics the ecommerce store profit raised to 300%. You can have an idea about how important an ecommerce store can get.

animation illustrating ecommerce store business layout

Types of Ecommerce Store

In the business model, there are many types of the ecommerce store. These are explained below.

  • Buyer to Customer (B2C)
  • Buyer to Buyer (B2B)
  • Customer to Customer (C2C)
  • Customer to Buyer(C2B)

Buyer to Customer

buyer to customer

This is a common type of model in which the buyer supplies products to the customer. In everyday life, the most interaction you will have will be based upon this type. Let’s say that you visit a shop and purchases a set of shoes. This type of model is called the buyer to the customer model.

This type of model is easy to have and it is the most common one. The buyer is the one selling the product it can be any online ecommerce store or any retailer shop. In this type of store, the buyer needs to convince the customers to have the product. He convinces almost every customer that he had.

Buyer to customer relations can also be made and loyalty is made. Marketing techniques are also applied to make potential customers and to retain existing customers. If you want to increase sales you need to make your customer long-lasting.

Moreover, there are many techniques like intent marketing that enables one to know the needs of the customers. With such a technique, you will also know what your customer will require in the future. So, timely-based planning is done to have the best sales.

You can understand from this example as the mother is having a baby she would require baby monitors, diapers, and so on. In the coming years, she will require things for her growing baby. So, you can plan things to provide the best for the customer.

B2B Ecommerce Business Plan

Handshake between two business man

This type of b2b ecommerce business plan requires a buyer to sell the product to another buyer. Due to this type, a large number of products are sent to other buyers. If you have things in large quantity you can set up the buyer to buyer ecommerce business.

In this model, you will be required to mass-produce the product. This type of ecommerce store can require somewhat less convincing. However, more marketing is done in such type as compared to Buyer to customer. Once the relationship is developed you don’t have to convince them again.

Once you have convinced the other buyer you can mass-produce the product or you can ask for the product from the other buyer. This model is very important as it provides products to other buyers. Buyers can have 2 modes of ecommerce at one time. They can either ask for the products from B2B types and they can sell out by having B2C.

Buyer to buyer model is very important as it let the product available to other buyers for the sake of selling. These stores are usually for exporting or importing in bulk quantity. You can either send it to anywhere in the world.

Of course, charges will be there but after including the charges still, the product is easily sold with a margin of profit. This type of store is usually set up if someone has a large warehouse to hold things. There are many B2B options available online. You can either ask them to send you a product in bulk if you are thinking to open up a B2C store. If you are thinking to have a B2B store then you can also import or export in large quantities.

Customer to Customer (C2C)

customer to customer relation

This type of ecommerce is done when you do the payment to each other through PayPal or other means. Giving gifts to each other can also be included in this type of relation. Customer to Customer model is not a common model and it usually forms whenever the customer relates with other customers.

Such a model requires the customer to interact with other customers. If the exchange of information is happening that their customer to customer relation is happening. The C2C model is very important. Sometimes these models are often listed in the normal store. The Answer question part is also an example of C2C.

Ecommerce is anything from the change to information to money. Involving such things makes you the C2C Ecommerce type. You can see this happening even other than an ecommerce store. This model requires customers to exchange anything whether or not it contains a monetary value or sentimental value.

Sometimes the sentimental value is attached to some product and if someone special gives it to you then you have more value to it. This type of ecommerce is usually called C2C ecommerce.

There are many types of research available online that can give you much information about all types of stores and their statistics. The top 2 stores are can be set up while this type of store is not to be for earning revenue or profit. This type of store is only for customers only.

Customer to Buyer (C2B)

illustration of freelancer working from his home

This type of ecommerce requires the customer to sell something to the buyers. This can be done by either giving solid products or services to the buyer. Let’s say that you have skills then you can sell the skills to the buyer.  Many stores sell different people’s skills. Many types of ecommerce stores are there that can be used to buy or sell different services.

This model is often used when customers are selling stuff to the buyer. Like if you have a bakery then you can ask pickup service to let it be delivered. So, this is also an example of C2B stores. You will be selling the stuff to the buyer. After that buyer will have your product and do what you want them to do.

There is lots of example of this model. You can realize many models in daily activities. You can say that when you talk to your friend you are doing ecommerce. Let’s consider a scenario that you liked a product and your friend is talking about the problem you suggest to him/her the product. You not only provide the other customer information but also you have taken part in ecommerce marketing.

In this way, you can see ecommerce business happening in everyday life. Not only the actual stores are doing it but you are doing it as well. However, if you are interested in having your store then you can read more about the opening of your store.  You can also read about the different ecommerce techniques.

Things you should know about Ecommerce Business


Ecommerce fame is spreading like a wildfire. No one can deny the power of ecommerce business. Even the world’s richest people are the CEO of the Ecommerce website. Just because ecommerce business has many types it also has endless possibilities.

These possibilities are there because still there are many things to discover in the Ecommerce business. Although, ecommerce store is seeing competitiveness still there is a lot of potential in an ecommerce business.

You can open up your store according to the different types. Before opening the store you need to think about what suits you the most. If you can satisfy the demand of customers then you can consider having C2B. If you are able the satisfy another buyer’s demand then you can consider having a B2B model.

Of course, more sales will be included in the B2B model because other buyers will demand more quantity of products from you. You need to see the quantity as well as pricing if you want to open a B2B store. The quantity and pricing are most important in such stores.

Marketing is very important in B2B than B2C. If you have a good market for your product then, you can earn more revenue from it. So, marketing is very important for B2B stores. B2C store marketing is also important and many tactics are involved in such stores.

You will not only call more customers but you will also satisfy previous existing customers. Things like brand image, brand loyalty, owner’s equity, and many other things are kept in mind to generate maximized revenue. The main purpose of any store is to generate revenue. If a business is generating revenue then it is a good store.

However, you should also be aware of your competitors. If the product is new you will have little to no competitors. You can set up the price according to your own need and people will be forced to buy a high-priced product. In the past when new mobile phones were invented can you imagine buying the such phone? In the past, people spent thousands of dollars on such phones.

Changing Market Trends

illustration of changing market trend

If you are having your ecommerce store then you should know that market is changing every day. You need to keep pace with the market. If you don’t walk with time, competitors can crush you easily. So, you need to have keep an observation of the market.

Moreover, you need to change your strategies according to the market trend and dealing. For example, you can change your pricing strategy, your marketing strategy. The choice is up to you what you do you order to keep pace with changing market trends. The products that are in today will not be in for the next year.

You can also consider different events that can change the trend of marketing. During the covid-19 pandemic, masks were used in large quantities. So, the market trend was towards hand sanitizers, masks, and so on.

You may have an idea about what I am telling you about. The market trends are very important to consider. Formulating a plan is also very important. Only formulating a plan will not do the thing you need to implement it properly if you want to keep up with the world.


man playing chess to know competitor move

Having Competitors can be good or bad for your store. It can be bad for your store because your customer can go to the other store for shopping. So, this can reduce your sales. Competitors can also take your customers and they can make them their customers.

Brand loyalty and other techniques are used to tackle such things. So, having a competitor is bad if we consider these things. On the other hand, having a competitor can also be good. As he can give you ideas that you were lacking. You can have many things that can distinguish you from your competitor. Moreover, by analyzing your competitors you can devise techniques to improve your ecommerce store.

So, if we consider this then we can say that having a competitor is a good thing. Moreover, competitors can also help in making your brand distinct from others. You can analyze the audience that the store has and you can compare your customers to their customers. By this, you will get to know many flaws and benefits of your ecommerce store.

Kibo Code Quantum Ecommerce Store

illustration of online store model

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Although there are many types of ecommerce stores 2 are the most commonly used model that is Buyer to buyer or Buyer to Customer model. If you want to open a store by yourself then you can consider these models. On the other hand, if you want software or tools to handle the things then you should consider Kibo Code Quantum.

Opening an Ecommerce store is one thing and maintaining it is another. There are many techniques involved in the ecommerce store. If you want to earn by having minimum hardworking then you can consider having Kibo code Quantum.