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Ecommerce business was seen as a luxury back in old times but now in this era eCommerce is the need of almost everyone. Business is rising so fast that, it is fear that some brick-and-mortar stores may become closed.

According to the research, eCommerce is increasing day by day. If we dive into the research we will see how people’s trend of buying is shifting towards eCommerce.

Let’s plot the graph and see how the trend is rising.

Best Ecommerce Platform

The graph predicts the rise in sales in a trillion. So, you can get the idea that how eCommerce is influencing everyone.  It is often said that the amount of interest in eCommerce is unpredictable. If you are thinking of having an eCommerce store then you should have a long-term vision for building an asset that brings true value to the market.

Online eCommerce stores are increasing day by day because many people are changing their buying patterns from local stores to eCommerce stores. You can see its importance by graphs and other statistical data available on the net.

No matter if you’ve already covered, you can explore our recent article which tells about business growth once you’ ‘ve developed it.

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How to Start an E-commerce Business

Although the Best Ecommerce Platform is getting the attraction of many we cannot say that it is easy to set up the Best Ecommerce Platform. Many people struggle to gain the attention of people and most of them fail in doing so. Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the earth and he is rich because he is the CEO of the most popular eCommerce store. So, by this, we can have an idea of the importance of having an eCommerce store.

You can also become one of the richest people on earth if you channel your energy in the right way.

You can have this information to know about legal issues, you can also keep your finances in order, you can have a good market and you can sell your product at great speed. Every business starts with some kind of capital. So, seeing a business that starts with nothing is very appealing. Seeing it grow is another thing and it can also fill you up with joy.

Building an ecommerce business website takes more than having a brand name. You not only have to write about the product listing. You have to do marketing, managing, and branding in order to climb the ladder of success. To learn the latest and result in oriented Ecommerce Marketing strategies read our informative articles to know more about the latest e-commerce marketing strategies.

Ecommerce Business - Best Ecommerce Platform

Steps to build Best Ecommerce Platform

There are many steps through which you can set up your Best Ecommerce Platform. Every step is crucial and takes time to produce fruit. Skipping even a single step can make you lose your orders. Without losing time let’s go through all the steps one by one.

Step 1 Research Business Models

magnifying glass magnifying glasses laying on a paper and calculator on the side

Research is one of the most important steps because without the research you will not know about the trend of the market and how the market is working. Growing your online business is an investment so why not treat it with care to have growth in profit.

Before you search for the product what the market needs. You need to know about the types of business available. There are two types of business that you can on an ecommerce business site. You can either have profit without touching your product or you can stuff the products in your warehouse.  If you don’t want to have the product stocked in your warehouse then dropshipping would be a smart choice.

On the other hand, if you have a warehouse full of products then have a solid business idea that perfectly describes your products. For this technique, you can use White labeling to sell out your product. There are also many techniques which help to sell products.

There is also a subscription which carefully sells a set of products to its regular customers. This can happen at regular intervals. So, the subscription method will keep your customers aware of the new arrival.

Affiliate marketing is also there from which helps you to have a focus on two things one is the product other is the selling of the product.  Your energy in driving the traffic will be converted into monetizing traffic.

Step 2 Start your Niche Research

Hand and Pen Finding Things on Black Board

Many people start off their eCommerce business site and they fail because of leaving this important step.  If your site is not niece specific and you have dozen of products then it has a low chance that it will succeed in the market. It can succeed if you have a large budget just like amazon.  You have to find a niece to work in order to make a profitable Best Ecommerce Platform.

Choosing a niche is 2nd most important step in opening an ecommerce business. You can start finding specific niece by identifying other companies already working in that specific area.

If you see that no one is targeting the niche then 2 scenarios can happen. 1st is that no one ever thought of targeting that niece. 2nd is that there is no market for that product.  1st condition seldom happens and you will find that the more you find the competitors the more is the market value of that product.

The Thumb rule is that you avoid a crowded niche you can skip dominant brands. Moreover, you can make your niche more specific in order to find less number of competitors.  Another important advantage of using a specific niche is that you can work with other business owners with related (but not the same) niche ideas.

You have to find a niche that can do well on social media as well as for building an audience. You can also work as an affiliated to gain profit from your audience.  To find out the niche you can also go to the top leading ecommerce site and go into the product listing. You will find out the product niche very easily.

 STEP 3 Target marketing and product selecting ideas

Hand Writing Letters of Marketing

Now after knowing about the specific niche you can now search for the products to put on your ecommerce website. Before looking for the product there is another important step to consider. The thing is that you have to have an ample idea about your store and what you are selling from your store.

First, determine who you are? What your store value the most? The moment you make your brand image consistent your journey of ecommerce business will start. Consider a scenario that a bag selling company starts to sell seed.

Now after having an idea of what you are trying to achieve you can now select the product. Whether you try for affiliate marketing or for shipping by yourself you need to consider many things. You can make your brand image and when traffic comes you send them to other stores and work as an affiliate. If you want to ship the product by yourself then you can consider other things. These things can include customer service, timely shipping, warranties, and so on.

Step 4 Register Your Business and Brand Name officially

two animated character registering

To start a successful Best Ecommerce Platform you need to register your brand and become official to work. You need to know that your site should be elegant. If someone visits your website he/she remains on your website despite clicking on the exit button.

Some site styles are so mesmerizing that many people chose to stay on the website. Colors, logo, and placement of products everything is very important for your brand to look chic and appealing.

Registering Business To Have Best Ecommerce Platform

After choosing the name you can start off by registering it. There are legal protections and tax benefits which you can read when you are in the way of buying a domain name and hosting,

How to Pick Name of Your Website?

Picking the name of your website is very important. You need to make sure that your niche is complying with your name or not. It is to remember that the brand name should be the same as your business name. If you have some business in the real world and you want to make a store of it in the virtual world. In that scenario, you can have the same name but try to blend it with the niche.

How to get Business Licenses?

You are going to start a business so you should get a business license. Most importantly if you have a mentor your queries can be solved in less time possible. Having a mentor that helps you to climb is very important. You will get to know things from their experiences. There is a small business association that can help you in answering your questions.

how to start an eCommerce business with the Best Ecommerece Plateform

Why Employer Identification Number is important?

Even if you don’t have any employees you still have to apply for Employer identification if you want to open a business bank account. You can file business taxes and can get benefits of taxes if you have a business account.

Applying for license and permits

Having an online store does not mean that you are free from everything. There are restraints and rules for an online store as well. You have to check your city and country rules and apply for licenses and permits. If your country has some taxes imposed on the online store. You need to first clear that if you want to start working.

Finding Vendor

Online marketing has tough competition so you need to have the best quality related to the best price of the product. If you are selling your own product then your material quality should be good and your price should be reasonable as well.  Find out the long term best vendor suitable for your business.

How to Make a Good Logo

A good logo can define the business place in the market. A good logo can have a lasting impression on one’s mind.  The more attractive the logo is the more audience will be attracted to it. There are many ways to make a logon you can make it on soft wares if you have skills. You can also ask someone with the skills to make you a logo. There are also many websites from which you can make a free logo.

Attractive Ecommerce business Website Design

Website design is also very important. An attractive website will capture more user attention than an unattractive one. You should have a website which has an attractive design.  You can make your website more attractive if you place certain objects in certain places.

By this I mean to say that the shopping cart placement, Product specifications, and so on. If these places are at their right place according to the website design you will gain your customer’s attraction and you will have more purchases than you will get if you have an unattractive website.

Placement of buttons, colors, font, and even small things as tone of the written words can also affect the sales. You need to take into account everything if you want to succeed in an online Best Ecommerce Platform.

Boosting the Speed of Website

You need to know the healthiness of your site. The more you put on your website the more lag your website can get. So, you need to boost it up. You can boost it up by yourself if you have the skills. If you don’t have skills you can ask anyone with skills to boost the site for you.

There are many ways to boost the website you can find it online or you can watch many videos related to this query. An easy to run website can surely bring out more purchases than an un-boosted one.

Let’s consider a scenario that you are in an Best Ecommerce Platform, you are going to purchase something. The moment you click on purchase the site goes into infinite loading. Of course, you will be fed up with this and you will go to someone else ecommerce store.

Mobile Friendly

animated girl buying from ecommerce store

Now day’s mobile phones are used to buy many things. The wallet is almost converted to mobile. So, there are many people who use mobile to buy things from the Best Ecommerce Platform. You need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If it is not then your mobile customers will end up leaving your website. So, to retain the audience you need to make your website mobile phone friendly.

Ask yourself how many times you have ordered something from your mobile. So, your website must be mobile-friendly because if it is not user-friendly search engines will not rank your website. If the search engines do not rank your website you will be left with page at search engine 10 or 20th page. Have you ever visited the search engine 20th page?

Easy to Read

Suppose your customer is reading the product description and there are things written which he/she cannot read. In such a case, the customer will leave the website because of the difficult words used on the website. You need to make everything crystal clear. So that your customer knows what he is going to pay for? Sometimes the weight or size can be different and the customer was looking for. In that case, you need to properly mention all the sizes you have available in your store.

Writing something for your store you need to make your vocabulary easy. The most swiftly the user reads about the product the more likely he/she will purchase the product.  You should also include customers’ reviews on the place that is easily readable to the customer.

Step 5 Finalizing your Store

Letters of Finish word

Now you have a good idea about your business and target market. By this time you have determined your niche and brand name. Moreover, you have also determined the style you are going to give to your website.

Now you have to consider the budget you need to have in order to make your business running. You need to consider the startup expense as well as a monthly expense. If you are aware of the business term like breakeven point and rate of return then you can calculate.

After calculating you can formulate a business plan. If you are a layperson then you need to know how much you are going to invest in your business and how much you will get in return. If you have a solid plan your Best Ecommerce Platform will thrive. On the other hand, if your website is not well planned you will face many hurdles in thinking out what you will go to do next.

Step 6: Creating an Online Store

Online shopping icon

Once you have registered everything you will be asked to create your website. You will have many choices and themes from which you will make your own website. Website creation can be very easy if you have developing skills and can be hard if you don’t know much about web development.

A well-created website is one which is fast, well designed, attractive, and user friendly. Moreover, you should include a question-answer section that helps the users to ask their queries. Rating is another important thing because new users can trust the experience of the previous user.

You should also have a contact page through which the user can contact you anytime.  Creating a website also security it. You need to have a secure website that hackers cannot hack. If your user’s information is saved with you he/she will trust your store. If it is hacked your trust will break and the user will not trust your store every again.

Step 7 Pulling Customers to Your Website

animated people and magnet attracting money

If you think that just opening the store will bring traffic then you are living in a lie. If you have a new store then it is difficult to bring a customer. In the previous step, I ask you to have a website that is fast. Here is why I ask you that. The more internet-friendly a site gets the more chances of the site appearing on the Google first page.

To drive traffic to your website techniques like SEO, ad campaigns are used. In 2000 there was a trend of stuffing keyword to get the ranking. In the modern age with artificial intelligence, the algorithm detects the stuffing and demotivates such websites.

To drive the audience to your website you need to properly look for keywords that are searched by the people. The keywords, URLs are to be kept in mind for SEO or ad campaign. The ecommerce business site spends a lot on these ad campaigns and online marketing. If you are short of cash then you can invest it in a period of weeks or months.

In addition to spending money, you can get more knowledge of the market by reading the newsletters or digital marketing podcast. There are many ways like social media ad campaigns, pay per click ad campaigns, video ad campaign, and so on.

You need to consider your site as well as your product because if your product is expensive and has poor quality then the customer will be reluctant to buy it. So, having traffic is one thing, and selling the product is another. Both are very important for your ecommerce business store.

Many ways can catch user attraction like Give away. Due to this technique, the user will remember your store and can give value to your store. You need to make your brand image. So, giveaways usually help in producing brand awareness and visibility. Another important technique is to build an email list that helps to generate a lead thus making the selling process easy.

Instead of giveaways, you can also provide coupons to your customers. If you are targeting by email you should keep your email interesting otherwise, the user can unsubscribe from your email list. You should ask the user for his/her reviews that will keep him/her interacting with your website and with yourself.

Optimizing the Website

Ecommerce Website Builder setting icon

You should have proper information about your traffic and their buying rate. If you are having traffic but still no purchase you need to see what is wrong with your product. You can rectify the errors and can generate sales in this way. There are many tools which can help you to track the traffic and sales.

Of course, there are free tools as well as paid ones. You can use a free tool like Google Analytics to see your audience. If one product is selling like hot cakes You will also find the reason behind the audience reaching out to that product. You can apply the same technique to your other products for having good results.

If you have little products to offer you can ask other stores that offer affiliate marketing. There is a very easy process of signing up for affiliate marketing. Other than amazon stores like Walmart, Clickbank, Alibaba, and many more choices are available.

In addition to affiliate marketing, you can ask bloggers to write a blog on your website. You can offer them a free sample of your product to get them started. You can also ask users to leave a rating on your website. Keep in mind that a bad rating can demotivate your product’s position in the market. So, the first thing is that try to have products which are good in quality and price as well.

If you want to skip the hard process explained above you can also have shortcut. Kibo Code Quantum Buy is a shortcut that provides tools that helps to maintain your ecommerce business.


Q. How much investment is required to make an ecommerce store?

Ans. There is no bound to an investment you can start your investment with 200$ investment to any amount which you can afford. You can put in money whenever you want. It requires investment because an Ecommerce business store needs to be maintained. Sometimes, if you using affiliate marketing products can be unavailable at some time. Moreover, ad campaigns and other SEO techniques can cost you money.

Q. Can I do everything on my own?

Ans. If you have skills then yes, you can do everything on your own. If you don’t have any skills then you should have to take the help of many people. From opening the site to listing the product there are many steps that you need to take professionals’ help. Moreover, site optimization, its speed, and making it mobile friendly also require knowledge of developing.

Q. Ad campaign really drives traffic?

Ans. Yes, Ad campaigns are legit and are often provided by Google as well, and other companies.  You need to ask them and you have to pay for the ads. You can also have social media ads or you can put the ad on the TV. Having an ad is a good way of making your brand recognized. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend money on ads have coupons or giveaways they are an alternative form of ads.

Q. Why people fail in making an ecommerce store?

Ans. There are many reasons why people fail. It can be due to their design or name or color scheme. It can be also due to the lag in the website or due to not targeting a specific niche. Other than this, lack of SEO and ad campaign can also become the reason behind the failure of people. Most people use an unclear form of language which also reduces the sales of the product.

Q. Should I use Optimized Content?

Ans. Using optimized content will help Google to recognize your website easily for that specific keyword. If you are targeting such things that customers are not looking for then you will not be able to bring out any purchase. So, it is better to first find out the keywords customer is typing. After that optimize your product In such a way to include that keyword.

Q. Are any video lectures Available for explaining such Things?

Ans. Yes, there are lots of them. The biggest flaw in them is that they often hide very useful information. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, many video lectures include all the information you will need. The catch is that they are expensive. So, it is better to make use of this guide and make your own ecommerce store out of it.

Final Words about Ecommerce Business and The Best Ecommerce Platform

Starting an eCommerce store is not as easy as opening a shop in real life. If you have a shop in the real world passing people will see your shop. In the digital world if your shop is on Google’s 2nd or 3rd page you are invisible to most of the people. So, it is best to know how to create an ecommerce store.

If you are a beginner I hope that I have provided you important information and by following the steps you can have your store up in no time. I know this sounds a little difficult but everything requires hardworking. This step-by-step guide is for people who don’t have the idea of having their own store. Some people start their store but they failed because they had no experience of an ecommerce store.

After opening a store and listing high-quality products. It is crucial for your store to be seen by people. At this point, SEO and ad campaigns come in handy. Moreover, there are also techniques like giving the sample for free, or providing a coupon can also help your brand to get recognized.

You need to not only make the best store out there in the market for a specific niche. You also need to make your store recognize and seen by people easily. By SEO you can rank in search engines and people can land on your website.

You should keep in mind that if people are landing on your website and purchasing nothing then it means that your products are not that appealing so, you need to change the products to be appealing to the customers.