How to Build Ecommerce Website – Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Being an entrepreneur is a dream of many people but executing such a dream requires serious hardworking. With the world of the internet becoming an entrepreneur is made easy due to help from Ecommerce websites. With an eCommerce website, selling stuff online is within reach of many people.

Building an eCommerce website is not easy and requires a lot of handworks. If you want to open up a store you first need to have is a business idea. A website is usually created within one or two days. After the creation of the site actual work begins.

If you are a beginner you need to know a lot of stuff which is also provided in this article. If you already know the basics about eCommerce websites then you will require the information provided in this article. Making an Ecommerce store is one thing and earning a profit from it is another.  After having information about the things you can easily increase the sales of your store and can get profit from it.

If you have knowledge of web design then creating a website can be easy for you. If you are a beginner then, fortunately, with the availability of many themes, templates, and plugins you can easily make your website.

Building a website is easier than ever before with eCommerce website builders like Shopify and WordPress plugins like WooCommerce. This guide will tell you about the best one out there for you. Step by step ways will also be given to you that will help you to set up your store in no time.


How to Build Ecommerce Website in Steps

  1. Choose the best ecommerce website, builder
  2. Having the best plan
  3. Selecting a domain name
  4. Picking template
  5. Customizing and optimizing templates
  6. Listing the products
  7. Adding payment methods
  8. Listing shipment setting
  9. Evaluating your work
  10. Publishing

Step 1 Choosing best Ecommerce Website Builder

Online shopping icon

The eCommerce website builder is the tool that helps you to build your own store even if you don’t have any experience in web development.  Without such tools, only a person who knows to code, and tech skills can make you a website. Fortunately, there are many tools available from which you can choose different themes according to your own taste.

Now with these tools, all you need is to have a smooth internet connection and an attractive idea. Having an idea is one thing and putting it together is another. So, if you have an idea try to see that if it is niche specific because the more niche-specific you get. The more easily you can help your store to get recognized.

Ecommerce Website Builder is of three types some are free some are cheap and some are expensive. Of course, there are so many options for you but here are the two best options to pick from. That is Shopify and Wix. If you have an idea of opening up a big store then I would recommend you to consider Shopify. On the other hand, if you are thinking of a small store then you can go for Wix.

If you want a free option then you can have free word press temples. Remember that the speed and things which you are looking for will not be available in the free product. So, the two options are not that expensive but are legit and many people are doing business with them.

Step 2 Choosing the Best Plan for You Store

Hand presenting a business marketing plan concept

Before spending actual money on the website you can first give the eCommerce website a test drive. The two choices explained above gives a trail of days so if you are satisfied with their plan you can purchase it. When you are trying such stores you need to look for many things such as

  • Easy and customize-able templates
  • You should try whether or not the template suits your business
  • You should see how easily you can list your products
  • Easy navigation can also help your customers to choose different products

When you are testing the websites try to find the key point about the website that makes it distinct from other website builders. See comparison chats of the different websites and you will get the idea of what you want.

There are many plans according to different business types. If you have a large business then you should have such a plan and vice versa. The more you become expect, the more you will be willing to pay for the facilities. The plan will also depend on the size of your business. The more your business grows the more will be your plan growth.

Looking for a plan that is most economical? You should know that there are many plans that offer a low price of 12$. You should also keep in mind that at some point you will be required to buy plugins and other essential tools. This can also cost you more than 12$.

How to know which plan to select?

The plan can depend on the number of items you need to put in your store. If you are planning to sell a lot of products then it can cost you more. You should know that a certain plan gives you the flexibility to put an unlimited amount of products. However, the more you upgrade the plan the more transaction fees you can save. So, if you are having a large number of purchases you can save a lot by having an advance plan.

Step 3 Selecting a Domain Name

How to Build Ecommerce Website

A domain name is a URL that is associated with the name of the brand.  A good and small brand name can be the key to a successful online store. The brand name also has a mesmerizing effect on the customer.

Moreover, if you have a store in real life and you want to have it in the digital world too. So, you need to have the same name in order for people to find it easily. For example, if you have a store named boots. You should look for rather than If your brand has a unique name you can find the domain at a low price.

If your brand name is common then you would have to buy the domain. Buying a domain can be for a fixed period of time like you can have it for a year. After that, you have to renew it.


Already Own a Domain Name?

If you already have a domain name then it is a plus point for you. You can transfer your store to the domain name you already have. You can link your domain with the eCommerce website builder.

You can have more than one domain but your store can be on only one domain. If you want more domains to link the same store then you can have redirect links. This method will redirect the traffic from one website to another.

Important Things to Remember

  • Have the best name for your store (Unique and not plagiarized)
  • You can check whether or not your store name is available for you to have
  • Purchase your domain name
  • Mark the calendar to have your domain renewed. If you don’t renew it someone else can buy it and you may have to pay double in order to get it back

Step 4 Picking template

Ecommerce Website - How to Build Ecommerce Website

With a template, you can make your website attractive. Moreover, with a template, you can give your website the look of a professional website. Before the templates, people had to pay a fortune for their sites to look like the one in the template.

You can have a professional website without coding anything. Selecting themes from any eCommerce store maker is easy. Whether it is Shopify or Woocommerce. You can have different themes available to you. If you are using Wix then again the procedure is very easy for selecting the template. There are many videos that can further guide you in selecting the theme.

Things to Remember for Choosing the Right Template to Build Ecommerce Website

To choose the best template you need to keep in mind the following things.

  • You need to look for the special features of your store
  • You need to look at the style of your homepage
  • You need to look for the ease of customer

The last step is the most important one because the more ease the customer has more he will trust the brand. If the customer can easily shift between the products then he or she can see other choices and can buy more.

Important Features of Your Store

A store can have many features like it can display 360 views of the product, and it can show the place where it is manufactured. Some templates have many features but those templates can get slow. You need to have a balance between the speed of the website to the features it provides.

You can get the feature you require by clicking on the filter button when you select the template.


The homepage is the thing that customer sees when he/she lands on your website. The homepage is like the window of your shop. You often see the best things displayed on the window of the show. So, likewise, your homepage should be appealing to your customers.

You can put a slide show, videos, or any animation to attract your customer. You can choose based on your business the type of thing on your homepage.

If you have luxury products in the store you should think of having the best item displayed on the front page.

Let the Customer Get the Things They are Looking For

The average time that the customer evaluates the website is 20 to 30 seconds.  At this time it is crucial for you to give them what they are looking for. If they don’t find the thing they are looking they will leave the store.  You need to present them with the thing they are looking for. The thing which they might need.

A search bar is very important for navigating, when your customer moves through the website swiftly they can make more purchases. You need to have a layout of your pages. Of courses, the important pages should be on the priority list. If certain things are not important you can include them on the drop-down list.

You can have a distinct header on which you can give your search feature. More importantly, you need to include a color that is good enough for the viewer. Before finalizing the template you can test many templates before choosing the template.

Step 5 Customize the Template

Hand pointing with data customization concept - How to Build Ecommerce Website

Selecting a template does not mean that you cannot change the color, font, image height, and other things on the template. You can surely change many things on the template of your website. Customizing your site is very easy like you can customize text size and font. You can also change the images, color, features, and even headers or borders of your site.

Most eCommerce website maker provides their own tool for customizing. You can find such apps that can help you in changing the things around your website. There are also many plugins that can customize your website within few minutes. Custom plugins can easily replace the text, pictures, and other things around your website.

Step 6 Listing the Products

Product Listing - How to Build Ecommerce Website

Now you have successfully created a store. Now, it is the most important part of “Listing the product part”. Your customer will purchase the product by viewing the products listed on the website. With the customizing plugin, you can have complete control over the listing of the website.

The main things to list on the page are the product Name, Price, Category, Weight, and Downloadable EBooks. Products come with assembling manuals and warranties. So, you need to have a place for them. If you have a cheap plan then you may have a limit on the product listing. If not you may have to limit other things like features, variants, and so on.

Writing in Such a Way to Sell out Your Product

The product you are selling needs a description as well as pictures, videos, 360 views, and so on. While writing for the product you need to avoid any complex phrases or jargon. In addition to this, long statements are also avoided. Long sentences can create a loss of interest for the buyer.

If you want to experiment with the theory you can list a product with a detailed description. On the other hand, have a description which is 2 sentences long. You will see the difference between the sales of these two products. Who doesn’t like well-listed products?

What will you choose a product with a detailed description or a product with no description? If you are writing about the product another thing to remember is SEO. Yes, SEO exists and you can rank better in search engines if you writing according to the SEO techniques.

Imagine that you have a store filled with products and no one can see your store. This condition can occur without SEO or ad campaigns. In order to get recognized you need to have marketing strategies on the web. We have a comprehensive guide about ecommerce marketing, so make sure you have check this detailed guide to enhance your knowledge about eCommerce marketing strategies.

The Thumb rule is that the more the views the more will be the sales. There can be sometimes visitors but no views because of the product so in such cases you need to see what is causing such a problem.

How to choose the best Pictures

Having the best picture is very important because the picture attracts the customer’s attention. There are many options from which you can choose in having the best picture for your product. You can either have high-quality images for your products but keep in mind that images should not be blurry or small.

You should be consistent with the pictures. I mean to say is that you need to choose a specific size and make it a standard size for all the products. Use your own pictures to give it a unique look. Do not download someone else picture as it can lead to legal consequences.

Give your user an option to see the product in all directions. Moreover, you can also provide a color range to your customers. This can help them to select the color they are looking for.

You need to add a zooming feature to your images because this user can zoom the image and can see what he/she is getting. Sometimes the position of the bolts is also visible to the customer by this method. So, it is better to show them every part of the product that they will receive.

If you place heavy images on your website your website speed can affect. So, it is better for you to have the images compressed without drastically affecting their quality. The faster your site is, the better it can get rank in the search engines.

By images, you show your products to the world.  Keep in mind the more pictures a product contains the more time it can take to load up the page. You need to have a balance between speed and picture quality and quantity.

Having Categories of Product

Categorizing the products is very important because a better-organized store has more chances to rank than an unorganized one. This can be better understood with an example if a customer is male and he logs into your website. He should be presented with male things so if you have a separate category for him. He can navigate easily through the website.

You can also give the option of filtering the product and this can also help the customer in getting what they are looking for. You can have different prices, sizes, brands, and so on the filter option. In short, you should keep in mind the features to categorize the products.

You should also include a suggestion bar. This can help your customer to see the related products that other customers bought. For example, if some customers are having a pen he should also be in need of paper. So, combining such things together can also help to provide you better purchases.

Step 7 Adding Payment Method

Adding Payment Method for Ecommerce Website

You have listed the products now it is the time to get into the business. When the customer likes your product he/she is going to purchase it. The important question is how can you ask your customer to pay. So, adding a payment method is very important. Ecommerce website builders know that you will need this tool. So, they have made this easy for you.

Different eCommerce website builders allow different payment methods. Most common payment method includes PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, and MasterCard.

How to add the payment Methods?

There are three famous ways by which people add their payment method.

  1. Merchant account and payment gateway: this bank will accept the payment and will transfer the money to your bank account.
  2. Payment through software: From this, you can connect the store’s shopping cart with the card processing network. This payment will be processed into your card.
  3. Credit Card Payments: The eCommerce website builders have special credit card payment methods. By this, the customer can check out without leaving your website. So, all the purchases can be brought to your website.

What Security Do These Sites Provide?

Of course, you will be concerned about hacker attacks. You should know that many online stores related to ecommerce have SSL certification. And SSL is an abbreviation of the Secure Socket Layer. This can secure your customer and he can shop without having any worries. When you make the website you will be asked to have this security feature or not? If you skipped it you can still purchase this add-on.

Benefits of having Security

There are many benefits associated with having security. One is that the customer as well as you feel safe about the website. 2nd is that good rewards such as stores that are protected with SSL security. Your store will be more praised as compared to the store that has no SSL script.

Does Payment Option Cost?

Yes, different payment options have different charges associated with them. Credit card fees are different than other fees. The fees depend on the company. Generally, the company charges by 1% to more than 10p per transaction and it can go up to 3% for every 30p transaction.

You can choose other plans that are often provided by Ecommerce website makers. You can get more discounts than your credit card can give you.

Step 8 Listing Shipment Setting

Ecommerce Website Builder setting icon

Now you have added the products as well as payment method. What about shipping? You want to provide the customer with the product they have purchased. So, for this, you need to add shipment setting details. If you want to understand building your online store you need to understand the shipment set.

Different eCommerce website makers can provide different shipping settings. Some can provide Dropshipping and some can give you essential tools like printable shipping labels and other important information. To ship your product you need to know where the customer wants the product.

You need to ask your customer about his address. The moment he enters the address you need to tell him the changes that he needs to pay for shipping the product to their home. You also need to tell the store your origin of shipping. The product should be picked up by someplace. So, you need to have print shipping labels for having proper shipping.

Shipping Zones

Having different shipping zones can cause more charges. Ecommerce website makers know about this. So, you can even set a custom price according to the region. The shipping rate can vary within different countries or states. If the shipping is closer to your origin then you can charge less and vice versa.

Different Shipping Options

There is a different shipping option that you can give to your customer. You can also use this technique to raise brand awareness. Like you can give away free shipping to let people know that you save their money on shipment. There are many types of shipments that are

  • Flat Rate Shipment
  • Free Shipping
  • Local Store Pickup
  • Rate by Order Price Or Weight

These shipment cost techniques are used by almost every eCommerce website. You can have it according to the product.  Flat Rate shipment means that you charge a fixed rate to every customer for shipping. No matter if they are asking from the product to whatever state. This type of shipment can suit within the state. So, it is advisable to have different shipment techniques for different customers.

Shipping Services

Customers can have different levels of shipping according to the fee they pay for shipment. Of course, if the customer requires the item fast he can order through fast shipment. But He/She would have to pay more than regular. There are many courier companies that take responsibility for delving the product safe and sound to the owner. In case of any wear and tear, the courier company takes responsibility.

Making a website on Shopify or some other store can give you the reliable course service that other users of the site are using. You can also get a discount on it. You can even generate Real-Time rates by their build-in feature.

So, if you make your website from any of these websites you will not only get discounts. You can easily create your website in this way. If you are offering free shipping then you have to pay for it for the sake of brand promotion. You can change the plan according to your business idea.

Step 9 Evaluating your Work

hand putting stars to achieve 5 stars

This step is often skipped by many people and they usually have it published on the web without properly going through all the products you have listed. You need to show it to someone else. By this, the mistakes which are hidden from you can be seen by others. Moreover, you can also detect the mistakes by yourself.

Keep in mind a slight mistake can make you lose your sales. If you have listed everything clearly try to find the claims that you need to fulfill. Evaluating the product and overall website is time-consuming but it is worth every second and hard work. Imagine having a perfect website without an add to cart option. Your customers will land on your website and you will be having no purchase at all because of this mistake.

First, try to make a purchase by yourself. You will get to know in this way if everything is working or not. In most cases, things are working and the mistakes are usually in the description of the products.

Check if It works On Mobile

This is also very important because most of the time sales are carried out through mobile phones. In this era, almost everyone has purchased something from their mobile phone. You need to check whether the website runs smoothly on your mobile. Try to make a purchase out of it and you will find out the truth of your website.

Step 10 Publishing

publish word written with wooden scrabble

Before you publish the site for good there is a single thing to check. That is the store setting. For example, if your customer doesn’t know the English language then he should be able to change it. You need to check whether or not this function works. You need to double-check a lot of things that are:

  • Currency: Select the currency according to the region in which the product is going to list. If you have a multinational business you need to have different currencies available on the website. You can show different currencies to different customers according to the region,
  • Language: You can select the language that your customer can better understand. Moreover, you can give them the flexibility of changing the language according to their need.
  • Timezone: When you set the time zone you can easily track the product. So, the timezone will be there to keep track of things.
  • Address: Having Contact info of the store as well as the customer is very important. You need to know where you need to provide the item. Moreover, your customer should also know about your information. So, if any problem arises he/she can contact you.
  • Store Name And URL: You should double-check the name appearing on the store logo, URL, and home page. A slight change in spelling can destroy your whole image. So, it’s better to double-check such things.
  • Order Optimization: You can include and exclude the tax as well. Moreover, you can also add shipping charges to the product. You often see things on the price tag it is said that they are free. When you buy them shipment charges cover the cost.
  • Product optimization: You need to optimize the product and double-check whether or not you have listed everything, You need to have a product’s weight, rating, size, and every single detail in one place. Warranties should also be mentioned in bold.

However, If you want some tool to manage the handwork then you can Read About Kibo Code Quantum Training Reviews.

Conclusion Regarding How to Build Ecommerce Website

Opening a Store in Real Life is difficult as Compared to the digital world. Where you have advantages you also get disadvantages. Brick and Motor store can be visualized by eyes can passing by people can see it. On the other hand, the digitalized store is not seen by traffic rather you need tricks and campaigns to let the audience known your existence.

In the past having an eCommerce website was very rare and people consider having products from such stores.  Research has shown that there is a great percent of the increase in sales from online stores. You should know that the World’s richest man is the CEO of an eCommerce website.

These stores are booming in the market so, making a store for your business is a good option. Due to the small fee involved in opening the store, you can easily consider having such a store. Of course, with the facilities, the fee can become greater.  There are steps to follow if you want to open up your store.

In a mean, while you may also like to read more about all about eCommerce store.

These steps are very important for you if you want to succeed in your store. Many people open up their store but they fail because they are unaware of these steps. Try to follow these steps and let the eCommerce website maker handle the other technical stuff.

For Traffic, you need to know more about add campaigns and SEO. With knowledge of SEO, you can have traffic to your site. When traffic is their purchase will also be generated. So, the steps are there to help you with your store.